The Speed Of The Game In A Gambling Establishment

28 Sep

The Speed Of The Game In A Gambling Establishment

Professional profitable casino players take into account a huge number of different subtleties when planning their gambling session in a gambling establishment. Yes, indeed, at first glance, the importance of the pace at which the process of gambling is going on does not seem to merit special attention, but in practice everything is fundamentally the opposite. Today, many players study mathematical calculations with special care, which are related to all kinds of games, and also often create mathematical formulas altogether without taking into account such an important point as the speed of the game process

About the fast pace of the game

In every game the 711kelab casino lays down an edge. It can be very small and at first glance seem even insignificant, reaching only a few percent (and often a fraction of a percent). In order for the enterprise to be profitable and the profit to be stable, the gambling establishment imposes the highest game speed.

Of course, this does not mean that the pit boss is standing next to the stopwatch and urging everyone who takes part in the game. The casino operates in a more subtle and sophisticated way – changes are made to the rules in order to speed up the game process, the staff undergoes special training. Game recordings are constantly being monitored for moments that slow down the gameplay.

Actually, the casino has created a full-fledged game pipeline, using, for example, shuffle machines. Few people think about it, and this device shuffles cards much faster than the dealer, and any card game speeds up significantly.

The croupier serving the roulette wheel learns how to handle chips, he is trained to quickly calculate payouts, as well as quickly launch balls with the required number of spins,

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Why is this done?

As the management of gambling establishments assures, all this is done in order to significantly increase the comfort of the visitor. But in practice, this is the case – the faster the gaming session ends, the faster the gambling establishment will be able to realize its own mathematical advantage and empty its pockets. You make mistakes more often and, as a result, it becomes very difficult to adhere to the strategy, as well as count cards and generally navigate the situation.

Reducing the pace of the game

Practice shows that a player, as a rule, has something to oppose to a gambling establishment and anyone can influence the pace of the game. The first rule is to refuse to play on the table where there are shuffle machines.

Give preference to tables where the dealer interferes with the cards. Also, do not accept the distribution immediately after the dealer has asked a question – you have the right to think over all the points and not rush into action. And if the dealer is trying to rush you, ask him a few counter questions that cannot be answered in monosyllables.

It is also possible to slow down the pace in blackjack – give preference to tables that are already playing with other clients. You, in turn, will get time to think over everything and count the cards.

Give preference to playing with one deck – this is beneficial not only from a mathematical point of view, the process itself will be much slower. However, do not abuse these recommendations so that the security service does not press charges against you in the card account.

Poker is a real space for activity, here the pace is reduced very easily. Note that poker is a game that is unhurried initially, and here the high speed of the croupier’s work can be used to your advantage.

Consider a roulette wheel. It is quite difficult to make a long run here, because requests not to run a spin until you place a bet is very risky. Study the game by neighbors and sectors – despite the fact that the bets are made quickly enough, the dealer must accept them alone.

Everything is very simple in slot machines. Calm, clear head, self-control. Do not get carried away, live intermediaries (croupiers) are not involved here, and you press the buttons yourself. Better to give preference to “one-armed bandits”, where there is a lever. Withdraw money from the machine more often, do not forget about pauses – you need them.

Raising the pace of the game

In some cases, the high tempo of the game is justified, but it is true that your professionalism should be an order of magnitude superior to the skills and knowledge possessed by the dealer. Are you an experienced player who has a lot of experience and counts much faster than the dealer? Feel free to rush him, because it will be the casino employee who will make mistakes, in this case.

Note that this simple method is actively used by experienced players, because almost everyone can confuse a beginner.

The croupiers change quite often – the casino needs a rested staff and the change is, on average, 2 hours. If a player is unlucky, he is playing for time, waiting for the dealer to change. If the situation is in favor of the player, the dealer will definitely be rushed. Speed ​​is good, but fuss is your first enemy. Regardless of the pace of the game, act in a balanced and measured manner.

Faced with a downstream and trying to make up for lost time, you are sure to lose your entire bankroll in no time. Postpone the game for the next day, relieve stress, get distracted and then luck will definitely smile on you.

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